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The Boeing Company

Projects (1995-Present)

Various Locations

Client: The Boeing Company

For nearly 20 years, TWG has provided a full-range of architectural services to the company whose name has been synonymous with flying since the early days of commercial flight. Today Boeing still dominates the skies above. What began in a riverside Seattle shipyard in the 1910s has grown into not only one of the largest aircraft manufacturers but the second largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world. Our work is closely involved with both classified and unclassified operations and includes electronics labs, manufacturing spaces, office and presentation areas, site work and other support functions for three campuses.

Recent work (selected):

Renovation of B.49; Anaheim relocations; labs, manufacturing and offices
Renovation of B.45; new structure within building; Anaheim relocations
Renovation of B.10-1; NetLab, unclassified presentation
Renovation of B.13-1, 13-2; offices and labs
Renovation of B.10-2, roof; offices and antenna systems
Renovation of B.14-1; Navy offices
Design of classified presentation building (B.25)
Renovation of B.49; West High Bay Labs
Design of classified Lab (B.13-2)

Renovation of classified areas (B.90-1, 90-2, 90-3)
Design of Data Center improvements (B.80)

Modular office buildings within existing facilities (5 locations)

Renovation of B.201-1, 202-2, 202-3; offices, secure offices, and electronics labs
Renovation of clean rooms for guidance systems

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