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USC Troy Complex

Los Angeles, CA

Client: University of Southern California

An existing 212-unit courtyard apartment building (used by USC for off-campus student housing) required extensive renovation and the addition of a multipurpose room. Renovation work included modernizing the fire alarm, fire suppression and emergency power systems, new cabling for telephone, data and CATV, and providing new bathrooms and kitchens, new lighting and finished surfaces throughout and renovation of all common spaces (lobbies, study rooms and laundry facilities).

The multipurpose room seats 200 in stack chairs and opens up to the courtyard. The courtyard landscape was extensively re-worked. Abatement of hazardous materials during renovation, included removing asbestos-bearing stucco, roofing materials, floor tiles, spray-on or “popcorn” acoustic ceilings, light-fixture heat shields and drywall “mud”.

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