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Biomarker Lab (PETNET Solutions & MIBR)

Culver City, CA

Client: Siemens Healthcare (17,000 sf)

Complete gut/renovation of an existing 17,000-square-foot building to facilitate the discovery and development of injectable tracers as a diagnostic tool in oncology and neurology (specifically, Alzheimer’s disease, and other causes of cognitive decline). Project provides chemical and biological wet labs, a small vivarium, a Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room, engineering and machining rooms, administrative offices, and expansion space in support of MIBR (Molecular Imaging Biomarker Research) – the injecting of short-lived radioactive compounds into cancer patients. Work was conducted on a fast-track basis with extensive input and guidance from the local building and fire departments. Related work included new ‘hot’ cells, renovation of the radiopharmacy, and distribution of product from one of two cyclotrons housed in the building.

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