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Petroleum Quality Control Lab

Torrance, CA

Client: ExxonMobil(10,000 sf)

ExxonMobil performs continuous real-time testing for all petroleum products refined on site which required an adjacent new quality-assurance laboratory for the chemical testing and analysis of octane, Hf, and similar fuel parameters. Working from initial plans developed by ExxonMobil personnel, TWG conceived a relatively simple structure to house wet labs, over 20 fume hoods, octane-testing engines, and other specialized rooms; in addition, to offices, conference rooms and similar support spaces.

The interior is exposed construction and allows the dozen or so lab gas pipes to become an integral part of the architecture, along with the exposed supply, exhaust ducting, and other utilities. A large number of localized adjustable snorkel exhausts also define and animate the space. The design takes into account small situations of hazardous materials.

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